The Ayotzinapa parents have prepared 10 talking points for their presentations. They have asked us to support them in elaborating Points 5 and 10. Please read carefully the points and the introduction, especially the points we are asked to elaborate.

These are the points that we would like elaborate in our public presentations as agreed by those of us who integrate caravan 43; we hope they are useful and allow you to give an overview of concerns and needs in Mexico around this movement.

1. To keep the demand for Justice; Ask for support from the Latino community to keep the movement alive even at a distance.

2. Seek support from Congresspeople to speak out against the arms policy and the elimination of supply of weapons in Mexico; To demand the withdrawal of Enrique Peña Nieto’s proposal of allowing foreign citizens to carry arms while traveling in Mexico. To link up with organizations interested in the subject who can and want to join this protest.

3. To demand the clarification and punishment of the perpetrators of the crime committed in Iguala before Amnesty International members. 

4. To Seek from the Inter-American Commission recommendations for the Mexican State to provide venues of access by which experts may be allowed and able to perform and that their work be respected so that they can effectively develop their research operation.

5. To address the Merida Plan and the way it adversely impacts Mexico and its citizens.

6. To voice a request and recommendation to all Caravana43 organizations to keep the actions and economic support.

7. All members of caravana 43, are open to share and listen to experiences of other organizations, at this point we want to know that kind of support can be provided (transparency).

8 To put out a "Not to vote" call to the Mexican community that resides in the USA for the coming elections and to stay away from the process 

9. To keep abreast of the global actions on the 26th of each month and support them regardless of where we are.

10. Last and main point*
To address the issue of personal and family security, to make the Mexican State responsible in the case of any action or retaliation that  may put at risk their safety, that of their families and the families back in Mexico of their supporters from the different routes of caravan 43 in the USA.

Caravana 43 Talking Points